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c-class enclosure/blades and DNS


c-class enclosure/blades and DNS

If I'm correct, whether you use EBIPA or not ILO gets registered in the DNS server. On the other hand the dns record for the onboard admnistrator modules has to be created manually.

Now I'm wondering, if you created a host record for the onboard administrator in the dns, who will actually be looking that record up? Ofcourse there's the people trying to access (manage) the OA. But are there any devices (blades, ilo, interconnects, ..) who use this DNS information?
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Re: c-class enclosure/blades and DNS

I guess it will be used by your network routing system if you need to get routed to OA, ILO, Iter.. via NAME ( not by IP address, some companies prefer this way).

another reasons when discovery made for hardware from SIM or management application

... all depend how it configured