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Re: C Class Port Mapping

Occasional Contributor

C Class Port Mapping

We have installed a new C-class enclosure. We have also purchased a bl465c, with the onboard NIC, NC370i , and added a NC373m GB adapter, as well as a Lpe1105 HBA adapter to the server.

In the enclosure we have two Cisco 3020 in bays 1 and 2. I can only see the onboard NIC of the 465, and can not see the mezzanine which appears to map to bays 3,4.

Is my understanding correct that in order to use both NIC Mezz cards, we would have to install two additional 3020s? Or is there a way to manually map ports?
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Re: C Class Port Mapping

So if I'm not mistaken, you have an NC373m in Mezz slot 1? If so...that is a hard wired mapping to Interconnect Bays 3 and 4. So you would have to put something in bays 3 and 4 to accommodate that card (i.e. 2 more 3020s). Unfortunately you can't do any manual port mapping.
And if you put your Emulex mezz into slot 2, then you would have to have some type of FC module in interconnect bays 5 and 6.

Ed Cox