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C3000 Blade Enclosure with BL260 blades and SB40C


C3000 Blade Enclosure with BL260 blades and SB40C

Hi Guys.

Im new to all this Blade stuff. Am thinking of
buying some new hardware for the network here.

Am thinking of a C3000 blade enclosure. IF I get a BL260 blade and use the adjacent Slot to connect a SB40C storage array can this BL260 blade use the SB40C array to boot from ? Im thinking of running a Windows 2008 Standard with Hyper V and running 1 Virtual Server.

ALso I see that the Bl260 blade comes with an integrated dual-port Broadcom 5715S-based Gigabit Ethernet network adapter. How does the BL260 blades/c3000 chassis connect to the existing ethernet switches ?

thanks for any responses

Honored Contributor

Re: C3000 Blade Enclosure with BL260 blades and SB40C


1st: Is 1 Virtual Server all that you will ever run? or are you planning on having more later?

2nd: All the blades in a c3000 have ports that are mapped out to the back side of the enclosure. The ports in the back of the enclosure are for interconnects. There are several different types of interconnects. Cisco Switch, LAN Pass-through, GbE Switch, Virtual Connect... to name a few. You would then connect these interconnects to your existing LAN infrastructure.

You will need to select a pair of interconnects when you make your purchase. Best suggestion is find a vendor/partner to work with as they will usually be able to "design" a configuration for you which includes all the necessary components needed to get up and running (pSU's, fans, interconnects, blade accessories, etc).

Steven Clementi
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Re: C3000 Blade Enclosure with BL260 blades and SB40C

Thanks for the reply Steven.

I was thinking of one blade to be a 2008 domain controller and also virtialising a 2008 exchange server.

The 2nd blade would be a File and print Server/2nd domain Controller and also virtualising SQL2005 standard edition.