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c3000 from single to dual Onboard Administrator(OA).

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c3000 from single to dual Onboard Administrator(OA).

Dave wanted to know:



Is there a how-to on moving a c3000 from single to dual Onboard Administrator(OA)?



Monty: responded with a process:



  1. Save the enclosure configuration file and note the IP address settings for the OA
  2. Remove the c3000 OA
  3. Note the factory passwords for both of the new c3000 with DDR OA modules
  4. Insert new c3000 with DDR Tray (includes OA2) with OA1 c3000 with DDR installed
  5. Use Insight Display to set the IP address for OA1 to the settings captured in step 1

            a.  If you have the enclosure settings file stored on a USB key – insert the key into OA1 USB port and navigate the Insight Display to the USB menu and upload the enclosure settings to the OA.  Continue at step 7

  6. Log into OA1 with the Administrator acct and factory password and upload the enclosure config file using the GUI or CLI

  7. Now update the Administrator password and any other local user account passwords

  8. C3000 Single OA to Dual OA update complete



Does this work for you? Do you use dual OA management modules?