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C3000 OA not responding - amber health LED

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C3000 OA not responding - amber health LED

Hi all,

We have a production C3000 enclosure with a number of BL460c G6/G7 blades and a non-redundant OA.  All blades, power supplies, fans are functioning OK but the OA module appears to be dead.  The Insight LCD is off.  No access on the network.  The health LED is amber.

Would resetting the OA or unplugging it affect the blades/fans/PS?  I'm in the processing of acquiring a replacement OA module but I'm worried about doing anything without the replacement at hand (the blades run productions systems).  I presume the enclosure would not start without a good OA.

Is there anything I could do in the meantime to try and resurrect the OA that would not affect the running blades?

Thanks in advance,