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C3000 to C7000 Migration.

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C3000 to C7000 Migration.

Hello All,

We have reached capacity on our C3000 enclosure and have
just purchased a C7000 Enclosure.  We would like to continue to use our Current Cisco 3020 Ethernet  interconnects as well as our Brocade 4GB FC Interconnects. We would also like to retain the configuration of both modules. 


My question is, will the configuration move over with the modules to the new enclosure?  Will they
need to be reconfigured?  Anyone have any experience with this?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!


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Re: C3000 to C7000 Migration.

The configuration of the switch will stay on the switch. Just make sure you install the blades in the corresponding slots.

Hope this helps!

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Re: C3000 to C7000 Migration.

Corresponding slots?

Does this mean the slot for each mezzanine card according to the picture in the c-7000 installation and setup guide?

Page 20.

- Or does it mean something else? Like if it was in slot 1/2 in the c-3000 it needs to be in the same in the c-7000?
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Re: C3000 to C7000 Migration.

The configuration as such won't be a problem... All that will be recognized...


However, in the C3000 enclosure, for blade 1 for instance, the 2 onboard NIC's are mapped to the first Cisco switch ports 1 and 9... On the C7000 enclosure it will be ports 1 on Cisco switch in interconnect bay 1 and 2...


So in the C3000 you had 1 switch in the orange bay at the back, in the C7000 it will be always 2 switches on the same orange level of interconnect bays...


So you need more I/O modules but will get high availability in place...

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