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c3000 with optional KVM Module

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c3000 with optional KVM Module

I have recently installed a c3000 blade chassis with a single Prolint BL460c G6 server running Server 2008. I have connected my work stations via a ATEN Altuscn KVM switch into the HP KVM switch on the back of the chassis. When I connect to the server, the graphics are slightly degraded, the video update rate is deminished and the mouse movement is choppy and lags.

If I hook up the same ATEN switch location using the blade KVM connection on the front of the blade the video and mouse issues go away.

If I hook up a mouse / keyboard / video directly to the KVM on the chassis, I get the same issues with the video and mouse operation.

I have had HP send me a replacement KVM and I still have the same issue with video and mouse operation.

Has anyone else run into this problem using the KVM setup I describe? Is the HP KVM not a reliable KVM?

I plan on using this Blade as a view node for a Building Managment System and need constant operator use of this blade.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: c3000 with optional KVM Module


If this issue still ongoing, can you tell us what is the Altusen KVM model and HP KVM model?


I work for HPE

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