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C7000 back / midplane Bus diagram

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C7000 back / midplane Bus diagram

Gil was looking for some c7000 info:




Does any one have a diagram / paper which discribes the bus between the server blades and interconnect modules.


I need to know how the PCIe buses of the server interact with their corresponding ports in the interconnect module.


Thanks in advance.




David replied:




All traffic between the blades and interconnect modules are SerDes-encoded traffic of Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS or InfiniBand.  No PCIe traffic goes between them.  The only PCIe traffic on the mid plane is to adjacent bays to allow for communication to things like the PCIe Expansion Blade, SB40c disk blade, etc. 




Chris also responded:




For more you can check out the Enclosure Technology Brief




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