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C7000 /BL460 G1 /overtemp shutdown.

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C7000 /BL460 G1 /overtemp shutdown.

One of my customer has had cooling room problem and some of its BL460 have been powered off by themself. His question is : Is it possible to modify the setting of the overheating ?
IML log : System Overheating (zone 9,location Ambiant temp 39°)
Automatic Operarting system shutdown initiated due to overheat condition .

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Re: C7000 /BL460 G1 /overtemp shutdown.

Is that a joke?

You have an ambient temp of 39degrees(Celsius, I assume.) and you want to enable the servers to run at even higher temperatures?
That temperature limit is there for a good reason. Heat kills ICs.

Frankly, if we had that kind of temperatures in my server room, I would be selling tickets to the other employees in the building... (it's winter outside... )