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Re: c7000 blade chassis power up

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c7000 blade chassis power up

when I power up the chassis I may not want all my blades to boot. Is my only recourse to physically remove them? or is there a configuration file to manage that?

Re: c7000 blade chassis power up

No, you can specify if power should be applied to each blade individually in OA

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Re: c7000 blade chassis power up

You can use the option 'No Poweron'

No Poweronâ Prevents component power on for the bays with this configuration until after the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator logs PowerDelay has completed for the selected devices. At this time, if the device is configured to auto power-on, the device grants power following an enclosure power cycle after all the Onboard Administrator configuration checks are complete.

for detailed steps check OA user guide

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Re: c7000 blade chassis power up

It's also possible to 'stagger' the Power-on for each blade.

This means you can have a 30 - 60 second delay before any Blades start powering(to give your SAN time to fully initialise first), then another 5 or 10 seconds between each Blade if you don't want them all to surge at the same time.
This is set per slot in the Power menu in the OA.