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C7000; Cisco 3020 module; ipv6 & ipv4 vlans; on esx4?

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C7000; Cisco 3020 module; ipv6 & ipv4 vlans; on esx4?

On my cisco catalyst 3020 I am trying to use a combination of IPv4 & IPv6 connections on port g0/17 and g0/19 respectively.

g0/17 is IPv4 and is connected to vlan13
g0/19 is IPv6 and is connected to vlan2

g0/17 works as long as the internal port (g0/11 in this example) is configured with 'switchport mode trunk'
and g0/11 will get it's IP just fine and access the internet

g0/19, as configured on the cisco 3020, also looks to be working, having found the proper default gateway and all for the network environment we have set up.

The problem is I cannot get g0/11 to recognize both the ipv4 vlan13, and the ipv6 vlan2.

In ESX4, I have enabled IPv6 support. g0/11, when configured:
'switchport mode trunk'
will find the IPv4 vlan13, but not the IPv6 vlan2.

Help would be very much appreciated.

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Re: C7000; Cisco 3020 module; ipv6 & ipv4 vlans; on esx4?

how is the ESX vmnic that connects to g0/11 configured?

is it the only member of the vswitch? are you adding 2 different port groups to the vswitch, one for vlan 2 and one for 13? If so, are you configuring the VMs for the appropriate VM network?

Or are you adding to Service Consoles to the vswitch, one tagged for VLAN 2 and one tagged fro VLAN 13?

If you do a "show interfaces trunk" on the 3020 you should see that both vlan 2 and 13 are active on g0/11. If they are then the 3020 is configured correctly.