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Re: c7000 cisco blade Switch 3020

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c7000 cisco blade Switch 3020


Hi i have a hp c7000 blade system and with it two cisco switches i have configured the oa and other parts of the enclosure but i am not sure about how i should configure the network switches, below are some of the concerns i have.


1. Do the blade switches require configuration or should i just connect it directly to my distribution/access switches (i have loop guard enabled on this switches).

2.if configuration is required what are the basic configurations required to get me up and started.


thanks in advance your replies.

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Re: c7000 cisco blade Switch 3020

How you should configure them is up to your environment and needs, right?


Here are some links to docs that should help:

   Scroll down about 2/3rds and you will see the Cisco switches.



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Re: c7000 cisco blade Switch 3020

Thanks, i also found a good document on bladesytem into cisco data center network architecture, which covers the different designs of deployment.