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c7000 enclosure at bottom of a rack prevents front door from being shut

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c7000 enclosure at bottom of a rack prevents front door from being shut

Lawrence had a customer problem with an HP 10000 rack enclosure:



I have a customer who is complaining that their C7000 enclosure, which is rack mounted at the very bottom of a 10000 series rack is preventing the front door from being shut because the chassis protrudes out in such a way that it hits the bottom of the front door, where there is a metal member that makes up the frame of the door.   So they cannot lock this rack door because it cannot shut properly. Solutions?



Ankit had a solution and answer for the problem.



There is no need of advisory and the best practices document are right, you can mount c7000 enclosure at the bottom of 10K g2 rack.


We modified the door in 2007-08 after the launch of c7000. Now if the customer has a 10KG1 rack then we can’t  mount the c7000 at the bottom. However the 10KG2 rack front Door which we sell as an option will fit the 10K G1 Rack and this will solve the problem.


               HP 10642 G2 Front Door                AF009A


And importantly, the 5642 (which supports c7000 enclosure without the door) racks are EOL and we have introduced a low cost rack v142 which also support c7000 with the door at a much lower cost point



Anyone else have this problem? Are you using the new racks?