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c7000 enclosure, do OA outages affect VC?

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c7000 enclosure, do OA outages affect VC?

Do OA and VC modules operate independently of each other e.g if OA has an outage, does VC continue to operate independently, providing network connectivity to blades?

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Re: c7000 enclosure, do OA outages affect VC?

They definitely work together however if OA fails that doesnt mean the entire network goes down ( Important : this is true only untill server restart - if for some reason the server is restarted after the OA has failed - the network for that server may not be backup  ) . Even when you reseat the OA and OA sleeve for t/s , all the fans will run at high speed but the network will still be working but if the server is restarted it may not come back on till you put the OA back.

 VC and OA do work together, but not completely dependent on each other. 


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