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c7000 Enclosure power redundancy questions

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c7000 Enclosure power redundancy questions

Alistair wanted clarification on what it means for the BladeSystem enclosure power setting is set to "AC Redundant":




C7000 power supply redundancy is set to AC redundant, when power supplies fail or lost one AC power feed.

The total power capacity is below c7000 needed power at 100% loading, so I know  the Onboard Administrator (OA) will throttle CPU performance.

which conditions OA will further shut down blade servers?

which conditions OA will not permit to power on blade servers?


Please kindly help, thank you.




Input from Nilesh:




The primary condition that OA checks is power capacity > power allocated.

if this is not met the OA will not allow powering a blade ON.


Hope this helps.




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