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Re: C7000 Enclosure QDR Switch

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C7000 Enclosure QDR Switch



in the HP InfiniBand Options for HP BladeSystems c-Class Quickspec is mentioned:


HP 4X QDR InfiniBand Switch Module for c-Class BladeSystem 489184-B21
NOTE: The HP BLc QDR and FDR IB Switches are only supported on the HP
BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures (P/N's: 507014-B21, 507015-B21, 507016-
B21, 507017-B21 and 507019-B21.

Is it still possible to use this switch in older C7000 enclosures with DDR speed?


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Occasional Advisor

Re: C7000 Enclosure QDR Switch



The HP BLc 4X QDR IB Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class is a double wide switch for the new HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure. It is based on the Mellanox InfiniScale IV technology. The QDR IB switch blade has 16 downlink ports to connect up to 16 server blades in the c7000 enclosure, and 16 QSFP uplink ports for inter-switch links or to connect to external servers. All ports are capable of supporting 40Gbps (QDR) bandwidth

NOTE: Quad Data Rate (QDR) InfiniBand Switch Modules are only supported in the RoHS 6 of 6 compliant enclosures (part numbers starting with 507) and G6 Blades.

You can also refer C7000 quickspecs for more information :



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