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Re: C7000 iLO password recovery

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C7000 iLO password recovery

Hello all,

Im looking for iLO password recovery procedure for C7000 .

can anyone please help me out?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: C7000 iLO password recovery

Do you mean iLO or OA? OA has SSO to iLO, so you should not need to recover. However, you can set a security override switch inside the blade as listed in the manual (depends on specific blade model) or use the HPONCFG utility to set it from the OS.
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Re: C7000 iLO password recovery

Hello Assaf,

For iLO2 password, each bladesystem has Dedicated switch for its security override. Look for System Maintenance switch, iLO 2 security override switch is IDEALLY the SW1, which by default is set to OFF.


In the event that the administrator password has been lost, misplaced, or forgotten, the following procedure allows for resetting the administrator password to the factory default that shipped on the tag with the Onboard Administrator module. The Onboard Administrator resets a lost password to Lost Password/Flash Disaster Recovery (LP/FDR) mode. To recover the password and reset the administrator password to the factory default:
Connect a computer to the serial port of the Active Onboard Administrator using a null-modem cable.

1. Open HyperTerminal (in Microsoft Windows) or a suitable terminal window (in Linux) and connect to the Active Onboard Administrator.
2. Press and hold in the Onboard Administrator reset button for 5 seconds.
3. Select LP from the serial console prompt.
4. Press L to boot the system into Lost Password mode. The password appears on the screen as it reboots.

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Re: C7000 iLO password recovery

The firmware on a C-7000 enclosure was at 1.01. So I upgraded to the 2.04 revision. When I did that, it completed successfully, however the OA lost it's DNS-NAME and Password to log in. it did retain it's IP address, so I am certainly able to get to it, but I need to change it's name and password. All blades in the enclosure wer unaffected and have retained all iLO IP's and DNS names.

this enclosure is located in a datacenter 3,000 miles away. I can have the remote technicians look at things for me when problems occur. However I think the typical knowledge for a technician is extremely low for these enclosures. I had asked the technicians in the datacenter where this enclosure is located to look at the tag that HP attaches to the iLO hardware with the DNS Name and Password. However, they must have taken it off upon installation. So then I asked them to physically pull the Onboard Administrator card and read the affixed sticker to find the Password and email it to me. They did manage to find a password, but the password did not work.

I do not have a null modem cable at this location. I don't trust the technicians to hook cables up and run any hyper terminal connections to our gear. Plus I don't think it's in their limits to do these.

Is there another way? possibly a remote way to reset the password?