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C7000 LCD: What do those different colors mean?

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C7000 LCD: What do those different colors mean?

A question fromm Vincent as to what the changing and flashing colors on the c7000 LCD screen mean.




Hi all,


If there is any hardware failure (chassis power supply, fans or interconnects) of C7000 enclosure, will the LCD panel automatically flashing? Thanks.





From John:

Flashes red or yellow for fault.


And from Gops:

The LCD screen and widgets turn to amber/orangish colour if there is any degraded status on the enclosure, whereas it stays blue, if everything is fine.


Input from Arnout:

I thought it stays blue when the UID LED on the enclosure is on. 

It stays green when everything is fine and the UID LED is not on.


Also from Eirik:

Arnout is correct, the blue is only there when customers forget to turn off the UID after install (which most do…..) and when you do a locate on the enclosure.




Man, I hope you have this all straight.