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c7000 maximum weight with BL460c G7 blades

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c7000 maximum weight with BL460c G7 blades

Andrey had a weight question:




Hello Colleagues,


What is maximum weight of c7000 filled with 16 BL460g7?


In QuickSpecs, I found “Single Phase Enclosure Weight Unboxed 192 lb (87 kg)”


But for me it’s unclear – is that numbers for empty enclosure or filled?




from Ramu:




Like power and cooling, weight of the enclosure depends on configuration of servers in it. Power calculator gives the weight of the enclosure (but with rack weight, so chassis weight needs to be reduced).


Here is the weight of a c7000 with 16 BL460c G7 blades: 

Total System Weight (Includes Power and Rack)

727 Pounds(lbs) [329 Kilograms(kg)]





Any other help for Andrey?