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c7000 on 110v

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c7000 on 110v

I have a C7000 with 4 power supplies, all connected via 110v to 4 different 15 amp circuits.  The C7000 has 2 cisco switch blades, 2 OA's, 8 fans, and otherwise 16x bl460c g1 blades dual quad core L5410 with 16GB ram and 1 sas drive each.  This is a lab so redundancy is not an issue, and therefore power mode set to 'non-redundant'.  However, with this configuration I would've thought 4x2500w PSU would be enough to power all the blades but it will only power up 7.


I know ideally I should install some 240v circuits but as of this moment I'm curious to why the 110v configuration above isn't working.  Any help will be highly appreciated.


If the only answer is to use 240v, I will wait until those lines get installed but will I need to have 4 power supplies plugged in to power all 16 blades (not-redundant mode)?   Or can I get away with just 2 power supplies plugged into 240v?


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Re: c7000 on 110v

Newer power supplies require 200-240v, but I think the older versions supported 110v.


If you currently have four PS modules installed, are they in slots 1, 2, 4 and 5?  This is the supported slots locations for 4 PS configurations.  That would be the easiest thing to check.


As far as how many you need, I thought I seen somewhere that with No Redundancy mode being used, you can have as little as three Power Supplies.


This may help you as well:


The doc "c7000 enclosure setup and installation guide" may have more info as well.  Search for that here:




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Re: c7000 on 110v

The 2250W Power Supply, the only one that supports 110/120v, Actually only generates 965W per PSU when running on 110v/120v.

So your 4 Power Supplies are only giving you a max of 3900W.

Now, that being said, the OA will not let new blades power up when there is no longer any Power ALLOCATION.
A Power Allocation is the maximum amount of power the OA thinks that device COULD draw if it went absolutely bonkers on all fronts.

So even if you are only drawing 2000W from the wall, you can still be "out of power".

This should all be visible by simply logging into the OA, going down the left side to the Power and Thermal section, and looking at things like Enclosure Power Allocation and Enclosure Power Summary.
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Re: c7000 on 110v

PS: 2400W Power Supplies, as far as I know, are not and have never been certified on 110/120v.
I have been told the Platinum PSUs won't even run on "low voltage".