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c7000 power supply configuration

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c7000 power supply configuration

K was looking to answer a customer's questin about c7000 power supply configurations:



My customer asks how many power supplies are needed to support 16 blades in a c7000 enclosure for N+N, N+1, and no redundancy scenarios?


Here’s my assumption:

N+N = 6 power supplies

N+1 = 4 power supplies

No Redundancy = 3 power supplies


Can anyone confirm?


Jonathan responded:


For most of the cases you are correct (as a general rule of thumb).   There are exceptions though.   Sometimes you can get by with less and sometimes you may need more.    For example if loaded with BL2x220 server blades (depending on configuration) you may not be able to run with N+N and may require more power supplies for the N+1 and No Redundancy cases.   


You can use the Blade Power Sizer Tool or the Power Advisor Tool to tell you how many power supplies are needed for different configs and redundancy scenarios.   They are both on  Try the links below.   If you are unable to access them that way, you can do a search on


Power Sizer:


Power Advisor:




Have you used the Power Sizer or Power Advisor tools? Let us know what you think. Do they meet your needs?