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C7000 SNMP intregation

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C7000 SNMP intregation

Hi All,


I have a C7000 installed on a customer site. I want to integrate SNMP alarming to forward traps to a third party tool (I think openview).


However I wish to limit the number of alarms I'm going to send, is there anywhere in the GUI or cli  I can do this? on either the OA, IL0, Flex?


1. I know how to set the Ip's and how to forward on the traps.

2. I know where all the MIB's are:


I have done some looking around and it seems that there is no way to do this from a GUI or CLI.

So now I presume the options are:


1. Give the customer only a selected number of MIB's?

2. But when I download all the MIB's how can I actually tell what traps are associated with each MIB?




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Re: C7000 SNMP intregation

The standard-format MIB files are text files, which follow certain strict rules to make them machine-readable. But humans can read them too. Essentially, they describe how to map ASN.1 encoded SNMP OIDs of traps and other protocol objects to human-readable messages and vice versa.


1.) The choice of MIBs you give to the customer has no bearing on whether or not the customer's tool will receive particular messages. The only effect will be that the customer will see messages like "unknown SNMP trap . received" instead of something like "SNMP trap received: Accelerator Board Battery Failed" when the SmartArray controller BBWC battery fails, for example.


If the customer understands SNMP basics, s/he can quite easily translate the numeric trap messages to human-readable format, by using public SNMP MIB databases, like or for example.


Your only real option for limiting the number of traps the customer receives would be to send the traps to some SNMP proxy or monitoring system that is under your control, that could selectively forward only some traps to the customer's system.


2.) You could read the MIB files. But since that is likely to be tedious, you might use the above-mentioned web services to browse the content of each MIB with a relevant-looking name in a more structured way. Or you might find a "MIB browser" utility for the operating system of your choice, and use it to view the MIBs.


(Remember that the Proliant product line was originally under Compaq brand, and the Proliant hardware monitoring MIBs are still using the OID hierarchy that originally belonged to Compaq. So don't look only at "HP" MIBs; check the "Compaq" MIBs too.)

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Re: C7000 SNMP intregation

Thanks MK,


Ok, so we have no way of "filtering" unless we use some sort of proxy, thats fine. 


So choosing not do this and sending the full amount of traps to the customer system how can I actually define to the customer exactly what alarm's will be be sent from the c7000 (flex, chassis, O&A, blade's ) to them?


Secondly, how do you guys test the alarms, from my limited experience the customer will want each alarm triggered to ensure their system picks it up. But looking at the C7000 there is only the option to "Send Test Alert" obviously it would be impossible to trigger most alarms manually.






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Re: C7000 SNMP intregation

hi, help pls. how can i know what oid is for the power usage of the server.. thanks pls help