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Can I "Hot add" Interconnect modules

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Can I "Hot add" Interconnect modules



I have a new C7000 chassis using Flex 10 and G7 Blades - all working perfectly. 


I've got an old Blade enclosure with G1 blades, just using the Gb ethernet pass through which I would like to use for some less critical projects and testing... I could fire up the old enclosure and use it for this project - but mindful of heat concerns, if its possible I'd like to use the current enclosure, but it has no ethernet passthrough.


Can I add the Ethernet passthrough while the enclosure and production blades are powered on or is this a no-no?


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Re: Can I "Hot add" Interconnect modules

Generally speaking... you should be able to add/remove interconnects without affecting running blades.



The question is... do you need the passthru's?  You already have Flex-10's in bays 1 and 2.  Do these old G1 servers have extra mezz cards for more NIC's? If so, then depending upon the slot they are in... you can put the pass-thru's in other interconnect bays (3 thru 8).


You may need to update firmware though depending upon how old the units are vs. the new enclosure.

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