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Change NIC driver of NC373i and NC326m on Win2003

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Change NIC driver of NC373i and NC326m on Win2003

We've been using BL460C-G1 since Apr2008 and never face such issue that the speed/duplex grayed out as "Auto/Auto" or only "2.5Gbps/Full" is optionable ever since we setup the servers, and they are just running normal indeed, however recently the network team is conducting a switch upgrade and they are requiring us to fix the setting as "1000/Full" to follow the switch setting, and they declaired there should be connection problems without fixing it.

As checked further the driver version, we found the current driver name of the NC373i is BXND52X.sys with varias of versions, and the driver name for NC326m is Q57XP32.sys or B57XP32.sys.

Later we found a doc in stating the driver name should be BXND51X.sys instead of BXND52X.sys which is currently active.

Hereby are my questions -
1. Is BXND52X.sys a valid driver for the two NIC models?
2. Can the problem be fixed by reverting the driver to BXND51X.sys?
3. How to revert the driver and shall we download another driver that can make the NIC speed/duplex changable?
4. Is there a same solution for the NC326m?