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Re: Cisco 3020 & Internal X-overs

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Cisco 3020 & Internal X-overs

We're trying to get a better handle on the 3020s, teaming and uplinking to our core 6509.

Has anyone used the internal crossovers on port 23&24 with a secondary switch in interconnect bay 2?

How are those crossovers enabled?
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Re: Cisco 3020 & Internal X-overs

Ports 23x to 24x
Dual-purpose external/internal 10/100/1000BASE-T copper Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports. These ports can be configured for internal 1000BASE-X cross-connection with a corresponding switch module. When ports 23x and 24x are in external operation mode, they support auto-MDIX and autonegotiation. The default is external operation mode.

Step 1 configure terminal
Step 2 interface interface-id
Step 3 media-type {auto-select | rj45 | sfp | internal}
Step 4 end
Step 5 show interfaces
Step 6 copy running-config startup-config

internal â This option enables the switch to establish a cross-connection to a switch in an adjoining bay only for Gigabit Ethernet interfaces gi0/23 and gi0/24.
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Re: Cisco 3020 & Internal X-overs

Awesome. Thanks!