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Cisco Blade Switch 3020


Cisco Blade Switch 3020

Hi people,

I have to replace this switch in a Blc7000 enclosure. How can i do a backup of all configuraions before replace it???and after replacement, how to restore the configuration.

Note : The switch that i´m going to replace is still working, have some intermitent problems but work, so, there must be some way to backup conf.

Could someone help me???

Tks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: Cisco Blade Switch 3020


Do this

You must enter privileged mode to configure the router. You do this by using the command enable

You get the current config
show running-config
Copy&paste to txt file

replace switch
enter configure mode
paste the commands from txt file
check with show running-config if it's like it should be

finally command
copy running-config startup-config
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