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Compliancy issue: OA to connect to a PS/2 style KVM

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Compliancy issue: OA to connect to a PS/2 style KVM

Charles had a customer issue around using USB style Keyboard, Video, & Mouse or to use the KVM switch method.




Another RFP compliancy issue:


One of our customers as a major investment in a KVM switch infrastructure covering

close to one hundred racks.  They are interested in our Blade technology but are wondering

1)      what is the best practice in this case ?

2)      and why we didn’t include PS/2 ports considering our DL380 and DL580 g7 are offering them ?


Many users refute the use of USB to PS/2 dongles as they add a possible point of failure, they clutter

up the Rack, potentially add latency, etc.  Also some solutions require external power.


Do we have any technical, marketing or any kind of documents debating this question “to dongle or not to dongle”. If someone could share any arguments that were exchanged in deciding not to include PS/2 style ports on the OA, or in deciding to include PS/2 ports on the DL g7 would be greatly appreciated.


Currently, if we can’t provide PS/2 port compatibility, we would need to replace, to our own cost, the

KVM infrastructure as deployment progresses.


Help would be greatly appreciated




Brian offered his insights:




Honestly with iLO\DRAC\ILO etc being so good nowadays and most vendors having front video and USB ports I am seeing more and more customers get rid of KVM all together and have one or two crash carts in their Data Center.    The cart has USB KB\Mouse\Monitor\USB CD-Rom\Blade Dongle and they just roll up to the front of the server and plug in.  It reduces power\rack usage especially when you consider people in the DC is getting rarer and rarer.




What do you think? Weigh in on the subject and let us know what should be "Best Practices."