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Configuration of Virtual Connect


Configuration of Virtual Connect


I have a c7000 enclosure with a couple of blades and 2x 1/10GB VC-Enet Modules installed.
All setup had been done by the HP engineer assigned, including network setup in the VC.

I was told by the engineer that the VC modules provided the blades with 2x NICs and that the 2 modules also provided redundancy.

Ports 1 and 2 of both VC modules are plugged into a Cisco 2960 switch.

Config of VC:

Shared Uplink set:
'Set1' created. However under External Uplink Ports, there is nothing shown in the table.

Ethernet networks:
VLAN1 (Bay 1 Port 1 and Bay 2 Port 1) and VLAN2 (Bay 1 Port 2 and Bay 2 Port 2) created. 'Enable vlan Tunneling' is checked for both.

Assigned Server Profile:
Profile_Bay N (where N is bay number) created for respective Blade in bay N.

For each Profile, Ports 1 and 2 are VLAN1 and VLAN2 respectively.

This setup is such that each Blade has 2 NICs and are both in the same network.

Now, I am figuring out how to create vlans within the VC to segregate network traffic for particular servers. I am not familiar with VC configuration at all, and as the hardware is currently in use, I am unable to play around with the config without fearing that I mess something up.

I want to know if it is possible to assign 1 VC port to more than 1 VLAN. That is, VC port 1 is assigned to VLAN X and VLAN Y, and Blade X is assigned VC Port 1 for VLAN X and Blade Y is assigned VC Port 1 for vLAN Y. This config allows Blades to be assigned the same physical vC port, but on different vlans.
If this is possible, how do i go about doing it?

I also would like some help in understanding the purpose and definition of:

Shared Uplink Set
Smart Link
Private Network
Enable VLAN tunneling

I have checked out the user guide but am unable to get a full understanding of when to use which.
Thanks in advance for any advice.



Re: Configuration of Virtual Connect


anyone can help me out here?
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Re: Configuration of Virtual Connect

I'm not totally sure exactly what you are trying to do, however I would suggest that you look into setting up an UpLinkSet.

(This assumes that you have pairs of VC modules)

1. Create 2 uplinksets, UpLinkSet_A and UpLinkSet_B.
2. Assign UpLinkSet_A one (or more) port(s) on the odd numbered (left) VC Module. Assign UpLinkSet_B one (or more) port(s) on the even numbered (right) VC module.
3. Create your VC vLans for VLANs X and Y, create VLAN_X_A and VLAN_X_B (and VLAN_Y_A and VLAN_Y_B). When you create the vLans select the option to use UpLinkSet.
4. Assign the *_A vlans to UpLinkSet_A and the *_B vLans to UpLinkSet_B

Uplink sets can carry a large number of vlans (128 I think).

Now You will have noticed that your Server NICs map odd-numbers to VC module 1 and even-numbers to VC module 2.

In your profile, assign VLAN_X_A to Port_1, and VLAN_X_B to Port_2. You can now set up teaming between NICs 1 and 2 to give you failover.

If you need to use the same NIC(s) for more than one VLAN, there is an option under the Profile NIC assignment dropdown list for "multiple networks". Look into that.