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Re: Configure failover for VC module

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Configure failover for VC module



I inherited C7000 enclosure with two flexfabric 10Gb 24 port  modules. Some used and rj45 sfp and connected x5 of one VC module to x5 of the other VC module. It like the connection is for failover or something. I do not think I need to connect X5 ot X5 for failover doesn’t the backplane provide module failover?



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Re: Configure failover for VC module

If there are no SFPs or Cables Plugged into X7 and X8, there is an internal connection @ 10Gb for each that DOES in fact go through the midplane.


In the GUI under Domain Settings (top section at left) look at "Stacking Links" option to see if X7 and X8 are properly being detected as Stacking links.


If so, you can safely remove the other cable, but keep in mind there will be a possibility of a very brief interruption of service between left and right modules, not on uplinks though.