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conrep utility on Win 2K8R2 and Win2K3

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conrep utility on Win 2K8R2 and Win2K3


I'm trying to use conrep utility on HP BL boxes with Windows. But conrep -s return only part of bios features that i need to configure and check.For example Turbo Boost not available. Linux version works fine and return all available.

Command return error message that i don't run HP health driver. Can this be a cause?

D:\tmp>conrep.exe -s
Warning: Conrep has detected that the Proliant Health driver is not running.
On systems that support iLo - full configuration is not possible without this
driver being loaded.
conrep 3.30 - SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Configuration Replication Program
Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

System Type: ProLiant BL460c G6
ROM Date : 09/02/2010
ROM Family : I24
Processor Manufacturer : Intel

XML System Configuration : conrep.xml
Hardware Configuration : conrep.dat

File contains global platform restrictions
Global Restriction: [minimumconrepversion ] OK

Platform check:
: [ProLiant DL120 G7 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML110 G7 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL3 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML3 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL5 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML5 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL7 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL9 ] no match
: [ProLiant BL ] match
: [ProLiant XW ] no match
: [ProLiant WS ] no match
: [ProLiant SE ] no match
: [ProLiant SL3 ] no match

Saving configuration data to conrep.dat.

CONREP Return code: 0

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Re: conrep utility on Win 2K8R2 and Win2K3

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Re: conrep utility on Win 2K8R2 and Win2K3

Thanks, David,

Other question then. How i can make conrep portable or at least load driver by it self? Machines used for software testing and it's not a option to install driver for all systems.
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Re: conrep utility on Win 2K8R2 and Win2K3

If you want it portable and don't mind the Linux version, download the Scripting Toolkit for Linux. It has scripts to make a bootable ISO to put on media, and/or create a bootable USB key.

The Windows version of the toolkit may have similiar options, but I'm only familiar with the Linux version.

With the toolkit you can create custom bash scripts to run conrep, or several other utilities to configure the hardware

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