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Danish Power for C7000 and 1075 rack

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Danish Power for C7000 and 1075 rack

Rich was looking for some guidance in helping a HP Partner:




I have a request from the ISV I support to supply the dimensions and power requirements; output, etc., for an HP 1075 rack with 3 C7000 chassis fully loaded with BL460’s.  Presently they haven't given me much additional information.  I can calculate the approximate power requirements for the 3 C7000 chassis but was wondering if anyone had any guidance on what power supplies might be appropriate for the C7000 and the PDU’s in the rack.  I found the attached as what I believe are the correct 220 plugs for Denmark.


Any guidance would be appreciated.




Reply from Evgeny:




Better to ask the customer which voltage do they have at site and  whether it 1-phase or 3-phase _before_ you configure the solution. If they already have installed power plugs and cannot reinstall them (usually this is not the case, but everything could happen) – then you need to know which kind of plugs they have (model). This information have to be provided by the customer’s site electricians.


Having all this information in hand, you may then configure the most effective solution. Sometimes it may be required to install or re-install additional electrical plugs at the customer’s site – then advise customer which kind of plugs are required. It is customer’s responsibility to provide appropriate connectors.


Some guidelines can be found in “HP BladeSystem c-Class Site Planning Guide”. This document a little bit old but it gives the overall idea regarding possible power configurations for c7000.



Side note: if they are also going to buy UPS for power protection and connect PDUs directly to this UPS, then check twice the compatibility of UPS output with PDU input.




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