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Device not removed from VC

Occasional Advisor

Device not removed from VC

I have a C7000 with two BL870s installed. After removing one BL870 from the enclosure the OA reports correctly that only one device exists. However, when I logon to the VC is still shows both devices. Shouldn't the VC sync with the OA ? My OA is at version 2.32 and my VC is at version2.0.
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Re: Device not removed from VC

No it should not sync.

What you are seeing is the profile of the old server. The profile is created and applied to a server in a bay.
If the server is moved (or removed) and a new server is replaced there then the connections and MAC/WWPN will be applied to the new server.
Thats the whole point of VC.
If you dont want the profile, delete it.