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device power management

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device power management

hey i see on my HPC7000 in:
enclosure settings
device power management

that for each device bay where i have a server proliant the option is at disable
For me it means that if the enclosure went down for x reason after it's rebbot the servers won't start
Am i right ?

Re: device power management

Hi Talvasson,

Can you please elaborate a little bit.

Power management in enclosure settings provides different power options based on customer environment.

whether or not power redundancy required depends on one's environment.

Power management in OA will not impact server's power unless you specifically set power capping or power limit for those server and enclosure is unable to provide them.

which power option are you referring in power management.
check all the settings available at page 68 in OA user guide

As per as Server automatic power ON when enclosure power is restored is concerned. Its server feature and that setting can be disable or enable in server bios.
Option is Automatic Power ON.

Hope this helps,
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Re: device power management

Hi Talvasson,
You are referring to Enclosure Information -> Enclosure Settings -> Device Power Sequence

As long as you can rely on your UPS you don't need this.

It's used to enforce start up sequence in case of a power outage. Example: If you run a domain controller and app servers in the same enclosure you may want to make sure your DC is up before the app servers are back.

A reasonable config could look like this:
- Interconnect bays: No delay
- Bays with important servers: long delay
- Bays with standard servers: very long delay
Make sure delays for bays are long enough to allow interconnects to finish boot sequence.
Failure to do so will result in trouble with blades not establishing network connections correctly.

The default setting for Device Bays and Interconnect Bays is "Disabled".
Possible delay values are 1 to 3600 sec.

Best Regards,