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Dual OA -> single -> Dual again

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Dual OA -> single -> Dual again

We have a C7000 that used to have 2 OA installed but now has 1, the firmware is 3.00 Mar 19 2010.


I want to add a second OA that has formware 3.56 and an old config. I intend to default the new OA (in a different C7000), change the administrator password to match the existing OA and plug it in to OA slot 2, is this the correct procedure?





Re: Dual OA -> single -> Dual again

I'm not sure if there's a "correct" procedure for this, but this is what I would recommend...


The first thing I would do is get the firmware to the same revision across the OAs.  You can plug in mis-matched firmware OAs into the same chassis, but they won't be able to sync their configs.  There is a "Sync Firmware" option that is avaiable in the GUI if a mis-match is detected, but I've had mixed results with that, and I've never used it to try to update the firmware of an Active OA that's at a lower revision than the Standby.  I've always used it the other way around.  But upgrade the firmware of the currently active unit to 3.56, unless there's some reason you need to keep your chassis at 3.00.  If that's the case, use your other chassis to downgrade the firmware on the Standby to 3.00.


At that point, I would reset the standy unit to factory defualt configs and then plug it in to the chassis.  You shouldn't need to reset the password prior to this step, as the configs should automatically sync from the active unit as long as the firmware is at the same revision.


Hope this helps.  Good luck!