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Enclosure Firmware update, migration and VC Domain Import


Enclosure Firmware update, migration and VC Domain Import

Hi folks, I have a customer who has an existing c7000 enclosure.  They have purchased 2 more, and want the 2 they have purchased updated to the latest firmware and drivers.  Then they want to migrate the existing enclosure to one of the new ones they have purchased, then the firmware & drivers updated on the original.  Finally, they want a VC domain created out of the original & 1 of the new ones.  My strategy is this:


1. Update the 2 new ones with HP SUM until they are complete

2. Customer is responsible for the migration of their existing VMware environment to one of the updated enclosures.

3. Update the original with HP SUM

4. Log onto the migrated enclosure and import the original into the VC domain.  I need to be very careful about preserving the original configuration and not have any downtime. 


Any other suggestions?  Thanks.