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Re: Enclosure Power Event Detected

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Enclosure Power Event Detected

I had a storage blade go down last night.  I shut down the server it was connected to and replaced the storage blade.


Now when I try to boot up the server I get the Enclosure Power Event Detected.  System Halted until Power Condition is Corrected.


BL460c G6

StorageWorks SB40c

c7000 enclosure originally running 3.11 OA.


I reset the active and standby OA, removed and replaced the 460c, and even flashed the enclosure with 3.56.


Have 4 power supplies, originally in AC Redundant, tried changing that to Not Redundant for now, but still not booting.


The System Status on the OA is clear, no errors, warnings, etc.


What else can I try?

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Re: Enclosure Power Event Detected



Please try following:


  • Dynamic power capping is enabled by default - Uncheck it.

  • Reset the blade


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Re: Enclosure Power Event Detected

Thanks for your reply.


The Power Limit is set to None: The enclosure power usage will not be managed or capped, however the Enable Dynamic Power checkbox IS checked.  Is that what you meant?


I'll have to give it a try if this ever happens again.  As it was, in a moment of desperation I pulled the blade and it's storage blade and moved them from one device bay to another in the same enclosure and then it booted fine.


Mind you, by this point I had actually shut down everything on the enclosure and literally pulled the power on it - removed all power supplies.  Even that didn't clear whatever was telling the blade that there was a Power Event. 


Do you think that clearing the Enable Dynamic Power might have helped?