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ESX Cluster HBA Freezes


ESX Cluster HBA Freezes

We have 4 BL685 G5 servers in a C7000 chassis, using QLOGIC HBAs, Brocade 4/24 Powerpack SAN Switches connecting to an EVA 8100. ESX 3.5.

In January the 4 servers froze up, and we lost the whole environment. It was determined the cause was bad memory. Memory was replaced.

This week, all 4 servers froze up as if the HBAs stopped working on each server at the same time. One server had a pink screen when it was rebooted.

VMWare blames the HP HBA agents, and I have sent their response to HP. HP is still reviewing logs.

Has anyone ever seen all servers in a cluster freeze at the same time? Losing the entire environment, and causing loss of all services on it?

Re: ESX Cluster HBA Freezes

Just updated to new firmware. All of our power supplies are being recalled (24 total).

Don't know if this is the problem. Replacement utility and HP's program is good.

I'm hoping this is it, still haven't heard from HP.