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event ID 129 error from HpCISSs2

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event ID 129 error from HpCISSs2

Getting event ID 129 in the system logs from HpCISSs2
Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

OS seems unrepsonsive for a few seconds when this occurs.
some days we get this 8 times.
some days we dont get it at all.
No blue screens. No reboots.

Using windows 2003 standard R2 x64 sp2
BL 465C G6 in a C7000 enclosure.
only with hard disks model DG0146BARTP
using E200i array controller.
using RAID 1 array.
using internal storage only.
Have 6 servers like this and all have this same issue.

Other models of server blades, non blades, dont have error.
Other models of hard drive dont have the error.

integrated Management Log and iLo logs dont show any issues.
Insight does not show any errors.
Array and drive diagnostics come back ok.
No error lights on the physical drives.

HP said look at
however this article/ fix was not relevant :

1/ we are using a E200i array controller on all affected systems.
2/ we dont have a rebuild of the an array occurring per IML
3/ we were not using HP CISSs2 driver version 6.18.2.x

After working with HP we updated all agents, drivers, and firmware one version at a time eventually going with the latest and greatest:
firmware 9.x and PSP 8.4 .

E200i firmware version 1.86
Storport drive updated to 5.2.3790.4368
Array controller drive 6.20.x.x

Using the latest drive firmware HD0.

HP gave up and blamed Microsoft.
Called Microsoft and worked with them. They blamed HP.

We found a work around by replacing the drives with a different model (ghosting system up and down) and since then we've had no issues in over a month.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd welcome them.
Also wanted to let folks know as a warning that this model of drive may not work in this blade.