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Exchange 2003 on a blade - public IP

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Exchange 2003 on a blade - public IP

Bringing up our exchange 2003 on a BL20P 2 3.6 CPU's, 4 Gig Ram, and 300 gig mirrored hd's.. 300 e-mail accts. plenty of power. My concern is the public IP. Our current e-mail server has 2 nics in it. One on our 10.100.0.X internal network, the other on the public side 209.232.X.X On the blade it has 3 nics, setting one to the internal 10.100.X.X and one to the public 209.232.X.X not an issue. My question is how does the public IP get out.. IP the left and right switches have 10.100.X.X IP's must i configure a port on switch with a public IP. I have read all the HP white papers on Exchange on a blade, but no where ( or o missed it) does it explain this. We have 3 enclosures all running fine and all on the 10.100.X.x internal network. A little guidence please..

Jim Eyer

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Re: Exchange 2003 on a blade - public IP


Assuming yo uare utilizing Cisco Based interconnects, you would need to provide an uplink connection to one or both interconnects from the 209.x.x.x network. You would also need to create a second VLAN on the switches and add the uplink port as well as the ports for your exchange server.

Hope this helps, or at least gets you started in the right direction.

If you are using pass through interconnects, then you just connect the proper ports to your 209.x.x.x network.

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