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Expanding Storage Capacity of BL 20P g2 server


Expanding Storage Capacity of BL 20P g2 server

I want to increase my Disk capacity in existing BL 20P G2 server, previously 2x72GB Hard Disk Drives are installed now I want to replace both of these with 146 GB, but I want to keep data intact. Previouly both of these HDD are in RAID 1+0, is it possible that we remove one 72 GB hard disk and insert 146 GB hard disk after all data is built on 146 GB hard disk then we remove 2nd 72 GB hard disk as well.

Please clarify..
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Re: Expanding Storage Capacity of BL 20P g2 server

Yes, you can try that. Just backup the data in case something goes wrong. The hard drives are going to rebuild as 72GB hard drives not 146GB, since all the drives in a logical drive have to be the same size. Once both HDD has rebuild the data, you need to open the ACU, once there you'll find an "unassigned space" the additional space on each drive. You need to expand and extend this space to expand the logical drive. Then the OS will detect an unallocated space, becuase he is not aware of this expansion, use a third party tool like partition magic or diskpart to expand this partition or create a new one. Check document attached on how to expand and extend.