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Faceplate value of power supplies

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Faceplate value of power supplies

Oh Yin Hao had a power supply question:






Do you have the face plate value of the power requirement of a c7000 enclosure with 6 x 2400W power supplies? I understand that the calculation is by taking 2400W multiply by 3 (N+N config, thus only 3 active power supply) to get 7200W. I also saw the rated input power of per power supply is 2780VA, so multiply by 3, I will get 8340VA Max. Are these the correct values of are there other official values? Thanks!


I need this confirmation quite urgently as customer need this value to push through a deal due to data center restriction, thanks!




Ramu had some info:




Hi Oh Yin Hao


You are right, the face plate reading is


In terms of input power 3* 2400 Watts = 7200 Watts

In terms of VA 3* 2780 = 8340 VA


This is highest possible using the c7000 enclosure.


I suggest you to calculate Power requirement using power advisor which will give you how much power and cooling required for the servers' configuration you propose.




Oh Yin Hoa replied:




Hi Ramu,


Thanks for the reply. Understand  that we used to have the 2250W power supplies for our c7000 enclosure for single phase power option, which is no longer available. Do you have the the VA value for it as it does not seems to be available in the product bulletin? Thanks!




Ramu came back:




VA for the 2250W power supply is 2612.


It is given in the Product bulletin under the three phase power. This is same for single phase as well.





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