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Fibrechannel adapters only show up on 3 hosts - ESXi 6.0

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Fibrechannel adapters only show up on 3 hosts - ESXi 6.0

We have 9 blades in our C7000 and only 3 of them see Fibrechannel adapters in vSphere (esxi 6.0).  This is currently just our lab environment.

The server profiles for each blade are exactly the same for all blades.  If I swap a working blade (#8) with a blade that cannot see the FC adapter (#7) #8 continues to work in another bay and #7 does not.  I'm baffled as to why 3 hosts show the Emulex adapter in vSphere and all other hosts will not no matter what I try.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

 We are currently only using a single Flex-10 module in bay1 and a single 4Gb FC module in bay3.  

Screenshots (for whatever reason I cannot upload them to HPE since I'm getting a permission denied)

Image1 - Host1 storage adapters (working)

Image2 - Host2 storage adapters (not working)

Image3 - FC HBA Connections (single FC port mapped)

Image4 - SAN Fabric (all 4 ports in the uplink)

Image5  - Server Connections FC (showing what servers have a connection to the FC module)