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Firmware deployment job in IC 6.20 - firewall issue

Frequent Advisor

Firmware deployment job in IC 6.20 - firewall issue

Hi There,
I'm having firewall trouble with the "Upgrade Proliant Firmware" job in Deployment Services in IC 6.20 on W2k8 x64.

I have configured the CMS firewall as recommended in related documentation, and all jobs run successfully (OS deployments etc) except Upgrade Proliant Firmware job, which fails unless I turn off the firewall on the CMS completely (then it works). It even fails in the firewall is off for the deployment network card entirely but on for any other network cards (which the job wouldn't even use as far as I know).

I'm hoping there's a better solution that tunring off the firewall to all network cards each time I want to deploy firmware. Firewall logging reveals nothing useful.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?