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Firmware - ProLiant BL280c G6

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Firmware - ProLiant BL280c G6

I have one ProLiant BL280c G6 that won't update it's firmware.


The machine sits in a C7000 enclosure.


The firmware is applied by booting the SPP from a pxe server. All the other blades in the chassis are fine and have no issue and I also have some with the same hardware inside that updated fine.


This is what the problem blade currently has

ProLiant BL280c G6
I22 06/20/2009
iLO2 2.07 Aug 17 2011


I have moved the problem blade to another bay and the problem follows it.

When I select the SPP I see the HP Logo and the progress bar takes maybe 15 mins to make it to 100% once it completes it just hangs, never going to the SPP screen where I select the updates I want next etc. I have reseated everything.


Any ideas what I should try next?



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Re: Firmware - ProLiant BL280c G6

Try ISO over iLO. Perhaps it's fomenting to do with PXE/NIC driver.