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Flex10 and VC 1/10 - using VC1/10 uplink ports?

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Flex10 and VC 1/10 - using VC1/10 uplink ports?

As per a previous question, we're migrating to Flex 10 ethernet. We're going to make the Flex 10s the new primary/managing modules, and shifting the 1/10 F modules (after resetting them to factory config) to a new secondary enclosure. Our core switches don't have 10 GbE ports, which isn't critical as we're mostly concerned with getting 10 Gb throughput between blades. We'll eventually add 10GbE ports, once we can finagle the budget. We currently use all four GbE ports on the 1/10 F modules in an LACP trunk as the uplink set.

I understand we can add GbE SFPs to the Flex 10 modules to have GbE connecitivty to our core switches. That's a dead-end project, since we'll eventually move to 10 GbE, and we'd rather not waste the money (yes, money can be that tight - I've said before I frequently have to finance projects by scrounging change from pay phones and vending machines).

My question, then, is: can we use external ports on a stacked/secondary VC ethernet module as an uplink set? The idea would be to keep the 4-port LACP trunk on the 1/10 F modules as the uplink, and cable them to the new primary Flex 10 modules with 10GbE. Virtual Connect manager appears to allow this, but I have no way to test and confirm.
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Re: Flex10 and VC 1/10 - using VC1/10 uplink ports?


Yes, you can do that.

Once you stack the VC modules, you can use any uplinks on any of the stacked modules to create a shared uplink set and it should be visible to other enclosures in the same VC domain.

However, it will be wise to stack the VC modules using 10Gb CX-4 or 10Gb FC cables to avoid any bottle necks.

Hope this helps.


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