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Full Height Blank for C7000 ?

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Full Height Blank for C7000 ?

Rick had a chassis cooling question:




Say you need to add a full height blade and do it in Bay 6 & 14 (cooling zones 2 & 4).  When you do that that you remove the cross-member sheet metal – leaving bay’s 5 & 13 open.  How does this affect the cooling of the chassis for that full height server?  Is there a full height blank to help in this regard ?  I haven’t a chassis to play with here but I’m assuming that the ½ ht blank doesn’t fit with the cross member is removed.




Monty replied:




Two half-height blade blanks can be stacked vertically to fill the space next to a full-height blade.


If you review the c7000 Enclosure Tech Brief, it describes the cooling doors that automatically shut if no blade is installed in that bay.  The blade blanks add a little bit more air blockage but are more useful to improve the looks in bays with no servers.




Any other input for Rick??

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Re: Full Height Blank for C7000 ?

Where are these questions coming from?

I suppose you need to put in the bottom blank first :)