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Re: G8 server can't connect to internal HP Switch at C7000

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G8 server can't connect to internal HPE Switch at C7000


I Install ESXi 6.5 om BL460 G8 server and can't reach internal HPE Switch at C7000.


I try to install ESi 5.5 and have the same issue.

I upgrade Internal HPE Switch and still can't reach From G8 server.


Any idea what elase need to check?

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Re: G8 server can't connect to internal HP Switch at C7000

From the Onboard Admin (OA) main screen select the switch and check the Port Mapping... is there a link? (green)
Check also the port mapping of the server.... link?

What do you mean with "can't reach" ? What switch do you use? Is it manageable or not? If yes, does it have a correct IP address?

If there is no physical link, you may have a problem with your C7000 backplane. Check the connector on the server and also on the switch. Be careful not to slide a server or switch into another slot when the connector is damaged or you will damage another slot.

Do you use the server onboard network interface or a mezzanine card? Is the mezzanine in the correct place/slot in the server? I experienced customers that mixed up FC and ETH cards..... that will not connect.

Is it a physical problem or software?

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Re: G8 server can't connect to internal HP Switch at C7000


We need to first check Blade network/NIC status in the enclosure in the Onboard Administrator Console (OA).

In OA Console under Port Mapping>> Please check status of NIC ports.

What is the Switch model used and installed in enclosure? If switch has management console, are network settings configured in same subnet as enclosure or in a different subnet?

What is the NIC adapter installed in blade ? Is it Embedded/Onboard NIC or Mezzanine adapter connected to switch?

Are the latest NIC driver and NIC Firmware installed ?

What is the status of NIC ports in BIOS/RBSU of blade server and in ESXi OS are all NIC ports shown up?

If only one blade is having issue in communication to Switch, then troubleshooting needs to be done on blade end.. Move the server to different bay and check.

If issue follows the bay then  we need to check from enclosure /midplane end OR if server issue, then we need to capture server OS logs, (Vmsupport logs from ESXi OS) , OA show all report and logs from switch to investigate further. 

For investigation please log a support case with HPE further if issue still seen.


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Re: G8 server can't connect to internal HP Switch at C7000


We found missing driver at ESXi ISO file.


Thanks- its working now.