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GBE2c Mgt IP

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GBE2c Mgt IP

I noticed last week, that 3 of my 4 GBe2c switches in my c7000 bladesystem chassis had picked up mgt ip addresses from our dhcp server. i then went into these switches and set them up with the ip addresses manually that i want them to have for mgt. the problem is that, when i looked at them this morning i see that they are all using the dhcp addresses again, and the ip addresses i set are nowhere to be found? any idea why this might happen?
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Re: GBE2c Mgt IP

This is normal if you still have dhcp enabled for management on the gbe2c switches. The switch will still try to use dhcp to get an address for its mgmt interface and override the currently configured static address. If you want to use static IP addresses on the mgmt interfaces you need to turn off dhcp for mgmt:

from main menu go to:

configuration -> sys -> dhcp -> disable

apply and save