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GbE2c to BL860c HPUX servers

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GbE2c to BL860c HPUX servers

I'm having difficulties getting consistent layer 2 connectivity on a C7000 chassis with BL860s. The servers are running HPUX 11.31 and are populated with 4 standard on board NICs and 4 ports via a NC364m mezzanine card. Many of the NICs are failing to pass traffic effectively in that I can see traffic transmitted from switch to server, but not in the reverse direction. I can see this from the LAN stats on the switch ports.

This made me think I probably have some duplex issues here but as both ends are configured to 1000/full I struggled to see how this could be wrong. I briefly tried auto at both ends to see if that would help but this didn't help. There's is some confusion at both ends on the 1000/full config as the GbE2c lets you configure 1000/full but doesn't let you disable auto, which as I understand it means it will auto negotiate but only ever advertise 1000/full.

The HPUX server end is also a little confusing in this area as it doesn't let you configure 'auto negotiate on' as it claims the on board NICs are SX ports which cannot auto negotiate, they must work at 1000/full (I think this was stated in the nwmgr man page). Fibre supports ANEG so I'm not sure why this is stated.

I think the issue maybe restricted to switch 1 in bay 1, and not across the GbE2c switches in bays 2-4, can't be 100% on this at the mo.

Given that I'm experiencing a mixture of:

1) FCS/CRC errors on some ports
2) No received packets on the GbE2c switch ports from the servers for many ports
3) Some links not coming up from the GbE2c perspective, although HPUX thinks the links are up

I'm wondering if Ihave a firmware issue. I've had to downgrade the GbE2c to 2.0.0 (customer requirement) but not downgraded OA or any other firmware ... could this be an unsupported configuration? I can't find a matrix for the GbE2c firmware versions.

I have a Windows C7000 chassis with half height blades and the same GbE2c setup (bays and firmware) which I think is working fine.

Given the issue is the same across other C7000 chassis setup the same it's not going to be a hardware issue, so it's either firmware or a config issue.

I plan to try and upgrade chassis tomorrow.