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GbE2c VLANs over a common Trunk

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GbE2c VLANs over a common Trunk


I have a need to do multiple VLANs within the GbE2c and to communicate to another switch over the same trunk.

I created VLAN2 on the GbE2 and added P10 & 11 with PVID2 and then I created VLAN3 and added Ports 15 & 16 with PVID3
And then Added a trunk for ports 20 & 21 with tagging enabled on them.
I also added those ports to VLAN2 & VLAN3

The result was following:

The trunk works only for VLAN2 if the trunk memebers (20&21) have PVID2
The trunk works only for VLAN3 if the trunk
members (20&21) have PVID3

I can't see how the trunk will work for both VLANs since it follows the PVID of the trunk members which is one value at time.

Any explanation is appreciated.

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